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      • Meet Our Intern - Cooper Lindel

        This past week while we were busy launching our newest collection, Made in North Carolina ties, we took some time to sit down with someone that has played a large role in our expansion...Cooper.

        About 6 months ago, Cooper reached out to us about possible ways he could help out with OLE MASON JAR.  He had a sense of style, great personality and an incredible passion, so we brought him on as our intern. That passion has not diminished, and has played a major role in helping get our brand to the next level. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cooper Lindel, the man who has helped us out tremendously over the past few months.
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      • Summer Music Series: Part 2

        This summer, our music correspondent Taj SImpson is at it again, following some of the hottest artists in the world as they stop in to Las Vegas. In part 2 of the summer series, we get an all inclusive backstage pass for Skrillex, Girl Talk, Alie Layus and more. Stay tuned this summer for more!
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