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      • Wine, Woman & Shoes - Giving Back and Taking the Runway

        This past week we had the incredible honor of participating and supporting the philanthropy we give back to...Second Harvest Food Bank for their annual Wine, Woman & Shoes event aimed at ending child hunger. If you didn't already know, one of the very pillars we are founded on is giving back. We made the decision when we first started OLE MASON JAR, that for every shirt/product we sold, we would give back to organizations aimed at helping those that are underprivileged. 
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      • Thank You - A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

        Friends, family and fellow followers, we are so thrilled to say our Kickstarter campaign has hit it's goal! It was absolutely the most stressful 30 days since we have started OLE MASON JAR. We posted, tweeted, retweeted, blogged, instagramed (is that a word?), pinned, texted and emailed our friends family and followers till we were blue in the face (honestly I cannot believe we didn't get hate mail/posts for the amount of stuff we put out there). Amazingly, you all came through for us and helped us hit and even exceeded our goal. With this successful campaign, we are going to be able to go 100% made in North Carolina. 
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