Style: Wear A Sport Coat

Wearing a sport coat gives off a sense of being distinguished and can take a casual outfit up a notch.  They have the ability to easily transform looks.  Every man should own at least one sport coat, and not just the simple blue.  This staple wardrobe piece is not just for the older generations! No matter your career, there are endless possibilities for wearing a simple sport coat.   

Why Wear One?

Avoiding Odd Suit Jackets 

Fewer men are wearing a full suit every day to the office on a daily basis, but you still need to make good impressions and dress appropriately.  This is where the sport coat comes in.  Wearing an odd suit jacket looks out of place and can bring an outfit down.  To people who know that it is a suit jacket, you will stick out like a sore thumb.  Unless you own a cool tweed or linen suit, stay away from the odd jackets.  Sport coats are not usually made from the typical suit material and can be paired with jeans, khakis or colored chinos.  They are typically made from fun patterns, textures and fabrics.  They will give you a well put together look without appearing out of place or overdressed.  You also aren't required to wear it all day long, hanging it on a chair or hanger is completely acceptable in the office.  

Versatility in Your Wardrobe

A sport coat can take you from the office to drinks, dinners and even casual looks on the weekend.  You can wear it with a dress shirt and tie for the week, no tie for a dressed down look or even just a t-shirt for a very casual yet cool look.  They also allow you to add pop of color and texture into an otherwise simple outfit.  Pairing a solid sport coat with a fun shirt like the Mulberry Plaid creates a look that has depth. Depending on the fabric of your sport coat, you can also wear them year round.  Heavy wools and tweeds are perfect for the winter months.  The heavy fabrics will keep you warm.  Cotton and linen are much better for the spring and summer months as they breathe more.  You can also layer sweaters and accessories to change up the styles.  

Style & Fit

Your sport coat should fit similar to how a suit jacket would.  If you are interested in layering underneath, make sure you have some wiggle room.  As with a suit, make sure the shoulders fit perfectly.  Sleeve length is an easy fix for a tailor.  You will also want to be mindful of the button stance and how many there are.  The most common is a two-button front.  Remember you never button the bottom button!  You will also see a three-roll-two.  This style shows the two bottom buttons and the top button is hidden by the way the fabric rolls into the lapels.  The rules on buttons here is sometimes the top, always the middle and never the bottom.  You may see a single button, it should typically always be buttoned unless you are sitting.  

The jacket also has vents at the bottom of the back seam.  You will find jackets will single, double or no vents.  All styles are common and it is up to you to find which you like the most.  Single vents drape nicely but can bunch if you place your hands in your trouser pockets.  Double vents also drape well but they allow for easy access into your pockets.  Jackets with no vents hug your hips more and provide a slim clean look.  This style also bunches when you place your hands in your pockets.  

Sport coats are an easy way to add effortless style into your wardrobe.  They are versatile and can be worn all year.  Finding the perfect fit is the most important aspect when looking for a new sport coat.  Every man should at least own a classic navy blazer as it can be worn anywhere, anytime.  Look for elbow patches and patch pockets to add more style.  Remember to have fun with layering and different fabrics in your sport coat! 


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