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This month, our CEO sat down for an interview with Elevate Lifestyle Magazine, one of the premier publications here in Charlotte, North Carolina to answer some questions on the fall season. Originally published in Elevate Lifestyle's September issue, we have transcribed for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, as summer comes to an end and fall begins, so does my favorite season of the year. In addition to football season starting (my fantasy football addiction is a discussion for another article completely), cooler weather and the wonderful colors of the changing leaves, fall also consistently brings out the best in men’s sartorial splendor. The milder weather offers a chance for layering, which means more options, colors, and a chance to ultimately stand out from the crowd. Fall is the time to step up your wardrobe game, but understandably, can also be a little intimidating without the right guidance. In this month’s Q & A, I am spotlighting the most recent questions related to fall in hopes to clear up any lingering reservations about the great opportunities this season is able to bring.

Q: Is it ok to wear seersucker in the fall?

Brad: Nope, seersucker is a summer fabric and should follow the Labor Day rule. While the whole concept of “no white after Labor Day” isn’t necessarily a valid reason, the bottom line is you will be “that guy” wearing seersucker after Labor Day, so it’s best to avoid entirely.

Q: What is your fall wardrobe staple?

B: One reason I love fall so much is all the potential for what I might wear when I am getting ready for the day. By the shear fact that I am wearing more items of clothing, the possibilities for putting together a solid outfit also increases. The staple, though, is absolutely the sport coat. With so many great fabrics, colors, patterns and textures that exist for sport coats on the market, you can really look sharp putting on a nice well fitted sport coat, and then building the rest of your outfit from there.

Q: I am looking at getting a new suit this fall, but not sure what fabric or colors would be appropriate?

B: Here in Charlotte, anything in the 280 – 320g-weight range (how thick/heavy the fabric is) should be just fine for the fall. Of course, as it get’s colder the thicker/heavier you would want (think wool or flannel). As for color, I am into blues, browns and grey (sport coats that have a mesh of all these are even better!).

Q: What types of shoes are best to wear in the fall?

B: The fall allows for more shoe options since it assumed you are also wearing pants (don’t be the guy wearing shorts when it is 50 degrees out!). For me, I love a good chukka boot, especially one that is suede, as it is versatile and can be dressed up or down. A good lace up oxford or wingtip also works well, especially for those days you are wearing that fall staple of a sport coat. Flip-flops and boat shoes can be put in the back of the closet.

Q: What are your thoughts on scarves?

B: Scarves are absolutely a great piece for the fall, and are actually very manly (are worn frequently in the military, and date back over 2,000 years). The caveat though, is I would generally stick to subdued colors and stay away from anything feminine looking (animal prints, pink, bright colors…you get the point). Building on the overall theme for fall, a scarf is another great piece to layer and add depth to your outfit.

Q: I am looking for the essential outfit to layer, what would you consider to be appropriate?

B: For me, this might include quite a few things, but for starters, a great pair of jeans with a plaid shirt as my base layer. Depending on just how chilly, a vest or lightweight sweater, coupled with a scarf…and finally an awesome sport coat to top it all off. The great thing about layers is they can go on or come off as needed, and hence the opportunities are truly endless!

Until next time folks!

Enjoy fall, and in the meantime, I can be reached at for any of your sartorial questions.

Bradley Rhyne CEO of OLE MASON JARA native of NC, Bradley Rhyne is OLE MASON JAR's Co-Founder and CEO, as well as chief editor for all content and social media. With his extensive experience in the finance and accounting industry as a Vice President for a fortune top 10 company, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and business acumen to OLE MASON JAR. 


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